Opening Ceremony – London 2012 Summer Olympic Games

Opening Ceremony – London 2012 Summer Olympic Games

It all started from a simple drawing!  Then our team of over 100 people from our Design, Engineering, Shop & Production department designed and built the tremendous stage for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. Covering an area of 90,000 square feet, it required a structure of more than 350 tons of steel.

Sixty shipping containers were sent from Montreal to London carrying steel, wood and fiberglass stage sections. Half of which contained staging to recreate the legendary Glastonbury, as imagined by acclaimed director Dany Boyle.

After beginning the production in January 2012, we were proud to succeed with the delivery and installation of our scenic elements  in less than four months, as scheduled by London 2012 Ceremonies.

On July 27th,  10,000 athletes and 7,000 extras walked in front of the world on our stage structure, emphasizing the talent and the brilliance of our artisans.

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